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Why a poodle?

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Simba                                                                 Lady

I am often asked why I have poodles.  My parents use to own Rama Kennels and raise Airedale Terriers.  While I appreciated and loved all of my dogs, the terrier mentality is a tough one to harness. They are smart and fearless and stubborn.

My Mother use to groom dogs – and there was one Standard Poodle that she use to groom that I loved.  He was smart, soft (not wiry like a terrier) and funny.  He was a happy boy – and very happy when he got a bath.

When we had a young family my husband and I talked about adding a dog to the family.  We knew that my son had some allergy issues with cats, so we were looking for breeds with hair, not fur. We were looking for a breed that could be active with the kids, or also happy to just be with the family.  We went to a dog show – which had an endless array of dogs to choose from – looked at Schnauzers, Dobermans, etc., etc., but settled on a Standard Poodle – the rest we will say is history.

We got a Standard, Pepper who was smarter that we ever expected, who really (because we were new dog owners) ran our family – and who we LOVED to pieces.

Now to the present:

Simba is getting use to being picked up more and being cuddled and kissed – he is enjoying it and it sounds like he purrs. Lady is relaxing with the others – she still doesn’t quite understand how Tucker and Maggie can play so roughly together, but she watches more instead to trying to be the referree.  

I told you poodles were smart – Maggie can open the ottoman which serves as the dog’s toy box. She opens it, goes in takes out toys, etc.  My standards don’t do it – but Lady is trying to open it – she has been observing Maggie – and attempts it when Maggie leaves.

Poodles are problem solvers!


A Foster Moment

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There has been a change in Simba – he seems to be able to track better.  He followed me to the bathroom (with a few others) and was waiting when I came out.  He followed me to the den and jumped into my lap!  A first!  A few kisses – and I am in love again with this spry little guy.  Don’t let his age fool you – there is a lot of life in this little poodle body and a lot of personality!

The Great Reveal

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      Simba before                                                                       Simba after

 Tired Simba after a day at the salon

Lady Before

Lady After

They are soft and sweet smelling – Simba acts like he knows he is hot stuff.  Lady has been prancing around as well.

 Right now they are not cooperating for pictures – they are tired!

I think that the other dogs think that they smell good too.  They came home, went out, napped, ate dinner and now are crashing.  The groomer said that Lady was wonderful to work on.  Simba because of his sight, needed more time to be done, but he did well also.

Honeymoon is over

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Oh well – reality has sunk in – 5 dogs are having little issues.  Maybe it is the weather.  Simba and Lady got into it today – maybe too much togetherness.  Lady decided that Harry was too close – Harry decided he had enough of  Lady, Maggie and Tucker got into playing really rough – lots of noise from lots of dogs – no one got hurt and it passed quickly.  We need sun!

Can’t wait to post pictures of clean, groomed dogs tomorrow. I hope Simba cooperates – I think he might get tired through the process – I told the groomer to do it in stages and let him nap in between.

When the pictures come up – share them with friends who might be interested in these two.  They deserve their own special home.

Getting normal

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It is starting to feel like Simba and Lady have been around awhile. We have a routine about eating, going out, sleeping, medicine, etc.

Last night I brushed Lady and she loved it.  Simba is pretty tolerant about it as well.  I probably cut off several ounces of hair just off of his face – it was matted and a little stinky.  He is looking pretty cute.  He has the little poodle eyes – and a little brown on his nose, unless it is dirt – we will find out tomorrow!

Feeding 5 in the morning wasn’t chaotic – everyone knows their place, though Simba wanders from bowl to bowl if he can. Both he and Lady are doing more drinking which makes me feel good.

Last night we settled down to watch House – at least I did.

My husband felt bad that Simba has an issue going down stairs – somehow he knows to go up. We have a step from the den to the dining room – so last night he solved that problem.

Now our first floor is handicap accessible.  My dogs weren’t sure about it – so they jumped over it for the first hour.  Lady and Simba got the idea right away!

Day 3 – evening

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What a reception when I came home!  My 3 dogs are always very happy to see Mom.  Simba and Lady were in the kitchen finishing their dinner.  Both were members of the clean plate club. Eating is NOT an issue for either of them.  Simba LOVES milk bones – Lady does not. Both eat their Taste of the Wild with a little canned dog food mixed in and a little bit of warm water. They are not big drinkers, so every little bit helps.

My friend Nancy gave me some belly bands that her adopted dog Stanley use to wear. That plus a incontinence pad is working right now. Simba doesn’t seem to care – in fact it was obvious that he was using it – so one rug saved.


They are going to the groomers on Wednesday – to my favorite – Woof and Whiskers Inn in Southbridge, MA.  Simba will shed his Albert Einstein hairdo for a poodle look – it should be quite a transformation.

The evening is a more relaxed time – waiting for dinner to cook – catching the news. We are always surrounded by dogs (love it). 

Here we have Tucker, Lady and Simba, and the white rump belongs to Harry.  Maggie is inside the ottoman which serves as the dog’s toy box and Lady is keeping an eye on her.

Simba is not as dependent on Lady as you would think.  He is getting comfortable wandering around the house and outside.  I think he is memorizing the house.  He knows where his crate is and walks in if he is so inclined . He is snuggling now and wanted his head scratched.  It is AMAZING how well this is going.  Sure there are some issues – an occasional growl etc. but everyone is pretty even keeled. 

I still think two of them together in a house without other dogs or just one other dog would be perfect. 

I am ready for a quiet evening with the pooches.



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Simba – is coming into his own.  His personality is starting to emerge.

Last night we had him in the kitchen.  He made use of the pee pad! I feel like we have re-entered the world of toilet-training 101 and we are celebrating all of the successes.

Lady slept on the bed with us – was a total Lady – she did wake me up during the night to give me kisses.  Love this little dog!

Today Simba is looking and acting like a new man.  He went to the door to go out. Once outside he was actually running around in the yard. Maggie tried to play with him and he responded a bit .  He is a bit stubborn. If he does not want to get picked up, he lets you know it and runs away!

He ate a great breakfast and wanted to go back out. The picture of him above shows him responding to his name.  It was breezy out and he loves the breeze on his face.

He came in and was rolling on the floor, trying to scratch his back, so we obliged.  Too cute.

He did not want to go in the crate – but he went in.  I now have belly bands in my possession, so we will try those tonight so we can give him some freedom.

The report from my Dad this morning is that they all went out, and Simba is back in the crate and Miss Lady has been given freedom to join the others.  She is a good girl.

More later…