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Last night…Simba speaks

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Something is going on.  I can tell that Mom is different and has been hugging me more. She talks about my new Mom and what a nice lady she is.  I’ve only had a Dad before.  Having a Mom and a Dad and a Grandpa is new.  I like it – there is always someone ready to pick me up and kiss me or scratch me ir take me out.  The other dogs are ok – Maggie keeps trying to play with me – but I have forgotten how to do that. I’m lucky that Lady is with me – I love her.

This house is nice. I have memorized the path from the den to the dining room to the kitchen and living room.  I know where the water is and where Grandpa’s room is. Sometimes if I am lucky I find pieces of dog food on the floor.  They eat in the dining room and sometimes it smells so good that I dance a bit.

I sleep a lot – I get tired easy, but the bed in the crate is nice and soft. I sleep good there and at nighttime I sleep on MY bed near Mom. And I get to eat twice a day – I LOVE to eat.  Sometimes Lady and I switch bowls just to check out  if we have the same food.   I still have most of my teeth.  I don’t know why people think that that is amazing.

Right now I am on the couch with Mom.  I love lying on the couch in the den.  I can hear what is going on. Sometimes the dogs all start barking and I will bark too – why not? Something must be going on.

  Soon it will be time to go out and get ready for bed. I love going to sleep on MY bed. It makes me feel like I am home.


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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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