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Yesterday Mom & Dad took Simba)and I to this place with LOTS of dogs.  I was nervous, and when I get nervous I go on attack cause offense is the best defense, right?  I charged big dogs and little dogs and kept them away from Mom & Dad.  They kept telling me to stop it, but didn’t they know I was doing it for them?

Luckily we didn’t stay long – we walked A LOT, but that’s ok. I like to walk and I know I look pretty when I walk – so walk on!

I was tired when I got home and so was Simba.  We both took long naps and went to bed early.

Today, when Mom came home from work she put leashes on Simba and I. I was sooooo excited – I love to go for walks!  Only we went in the car.  I like that too – where are we going Mom?  We rode for about 10 minutes and then she parked the car. We went for a little walk so we could do our business, and then Mom walked us into this building.  HOLD IT!  I know this kind of smell!  It’s the place with needles and stuff.  I wanted  to tell Mom that I don’t like this place – and there were more dogs here! Oh my  – I have to watch for the needles and keep the dogs away from Mom.  I was shaking – there was so much to do! Simba was pretty good  about it – but that is the way he is these days.  When you see and hear less you don’t worry so much. He’s lucky.

It seemed like I was on guard forever – then I heard my name.  Mom took us into this little room – no dogs in there, just that smell.  There was a nice lady there who petted me.  She made Simba and I get on a scale and had the nerve to say I gained a little weight! I am finally eating twice a day – of course I will gain weight – I enjoy being slightly voluptuous! I have womanly curves – finally!

Then that nice lady took me into another room and OH NO – there was the needle!  I have epilepsy and every  6 months they have to draw my blood to check my levels – not sure what levels – but I still don’t like it.  I did some deep breathing and tried so hard to ignore her. And I couldn’t wait to go back to see Mom.

She brought me back to Mom and Simba. It was so good to see them!  Mom picked me up and kissed me.  There was another lady in the room – Mom called her the Vet. She looked at me, listened to my heart, stomach, etc. Said I looked good – I could have told her that! Simba looked good too – especially for his age. Everyone says he’s old, but he still runs around and lets me know if I don’t behave.

I was so glad to get back in the car.  I went to my favorite space, on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat.  I finally could relax.  We got home and got to have supper!  I love my new home – I get to eat in the morning and at night – and Mom and Pepere seem to know when I am hungry and then food appears.

Right now I am relaxing on the couch near Simba and Mom.  It is my favorite time of day.  Everyone is home and relaxed.  The other dogs are lying down too – it’s great.


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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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