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Paws in the Park

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Today we went to our first Rescue event.  It was called Paws in the Park and was held at the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.

My husband, father and I went with Simba and Lady.  The other guys stayed home.  The dogs were nervous on the way up – they really didn’t understand why they were in a crate in the car (on the way home – Lady skipped the crate).

We arrived and there were lots of cars and lots of dogs – all kinds of dogs!  Big ones, small ones, teeny ones, gorgeous purebreds and interesting looking all american dogs.  We had to walk from the parking lot to a field in back of the inn. Simba was fascinated by all the smells – and typical male dog, had to mark everything.  Lady was trying to make a point that we were her people and was ready to take on any dog, any size.  That was a new behavior for her – just reinforces the fact that she needs to go to a home with Simba and no other dogs.  She doesn’t like to share. HOWEVER, she is much more relaxed with my guys.  Who knows – in a couple of weeks she might be over it.

We walked in and every dog was given a bandana to wear –  we walked by a number of rescue booths. Toy poodle rescue, St. Bernard Rescue, Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Old English Sheepdog Rescue.  We were looking for Poodle Rescue New England. Found them and found our mentor Anne and Amanda who called me about the two dogs initially.  Met Amy and some other people whose names escape me, though I remember Lil’ Bit, Cricket and Daisy – very nice dogs looking for a home.

There was a large ring set up in the middle of the field – with bowls of water placed around the ring for the dogs. There were a number of vendors selling all kinds of dogs related items, collars, beds, coats, sweaters, jewelry, organic dog food, etc. I didn’t have much time to check things out.  We were there to take part in the parade of adoptable dogs.

We got my Dad seated  and he was immediately visited by a gorgeous Doberman and his owner.  He was a retired show dog.  He liked my Dad and kept his head on my Dad’s lap.  When he was told to leave, he stayed there like he found a great place to rest.  He was gorgeous.

It was fun to see all the different poodles, white ones, black ones, apricot, standards, mini’s and toys.  One had a visor on – I believe she has eye issues. They were so cute – and the poodles all loved their owners and were loved in return.  You could see that in the interactions.

There were lots of people there with their own dogs.  It was a cool cloudy day, nice to be outdoors with man’s best friend. They held a kissing contest in the ring for kids and their dogs. That was cute to watch!

Soon we found ourselves lining up for the “parade”  Actually they called out the Rescue group’s name and the dogs names and we went in the ring, walked around the ring and talked to people who commented on the dogs. It all took place very quickly – we were in and out. I did talk to a few people about the two – but Simba’s age is an issue.  They need to see this guy in action – he is unbelievable!

I can’t figure out how to turn this picture around – but Dad is here with Simba who was tired after all that walking!

After the hour long ride home, the dogs took naps and ate dinner.   We got a surprise from Simba tonight.  I had cooked some chicken, sweet potatoes, string beans, and made a salad for dinner.  Evidently Simba LOVES chicken .  He was near my husband and started dancing on his hind legs – we couldn’t believe it.  I tried to take a picture – but the dancing was spontaneous. He was too funny and obviously his age is only a number!

Tomorrow we go to the vet for a wellness check. Right now we are all in the den – watching the news – Simba and Harry are on the couch with me, Maggie asleep on the ottoman, Tucker asleep on the floor and Lady in the corner on a dog bed. Lots of snoring going on!


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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. Hi Terri….I love this!! Good for you!

    love Daryl

  2. how do people find these blogs? Not sure about blogging…


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