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Why a poodle?

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Simba                                                                 Lady

I am often asked why I have poodles.  My parents use to own Rama Kennels and raise Airedale Terriers.  While I appreciated and loved all of my dogs, the terrier mentality is a tough one to harness. They are smart and fearless and stubborn.

My Mother use to groom dogs – and there was one Standard Poodle that she use to groom that I loved.  He was smart, soft (not wiry like a terrier) and funny.  He was a happy boy – and very happy when he got a bath.

When we had a young family my husband and I talked about adding a dog to the family.  We knew that my son had some allergy issues with cats, so we were looking for breeds with hair, not fur. We were looking for a breed that could be active with the kids, or also happy to just be with the family.  We went to a dog show – which had an endless array of dogs to choose from – looked at Schnauzers, Dobermans, etc., etc., but settled on a Standard Poodle – the rest we will say is history.

We got a Standard, Pepper who was smarter that we ever expected, who really (because we were new dog owners) ran our family – and who we LOVED to pieces.

Now to the present:

Simba is getting use to being picked up more and being cuddled and kissed – he is enjoying it and it sounds like he purrs. Lady is relaxing with the others – she still doesn’t quite understand how Tucker and Maggie can play so roughly together, but she watches more instead to trying to be the referree.  

I told you poodles were smart – Maggie can open the ottoman which serves as the dog’s toy box. She opens it, goes in takes out toys, etc.  My standards don’t do it – but Lady is trying to open it – she has been observing Maggie – and attempts it when Maggie leaves.

Poodles are problem solvers!

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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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