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The Great Reveal

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      Simba before                                                                       Simba after

 Tired Simba after a day at the salon

Lady Before

Lady After

They are soft and sweet smelling – Simba acts like he knows he is hot stuff.  Lady has been prancing around as well.

 Right now they are not cooperating for pictures – they are tired!

I think that the other dogs think that they smell good too.  They came home, went out, napped, ate dinner and now are crashing.  The groomer said that Lady was wonderful to work on.  Simba because of his sight, needed more time to be done, but he did well also.


About terri122

Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. Terry, how many poodles do you have now? I once went to a minpin rescue home and the couple had 18 minpins! It’s where we adopted our 2nd minpin. Poodles are, to the best of my knowledge, a wonderful breed in many ways! How are you promoting that you have these dogs and how are they adopted? Good for you for getting involved! Michelle

    • I have 3 of my own – 2 standards and 1 mini – and now these two – grand total of 5 – that’s a lot of dog. Was planning on fostering 1 at a time – but these two needed somewhere to go. They are a great breed – very smart, loyal and affectionate! I like the minipins too – and really like the bigger version. Our vet use to have dobies that escorted other dogs into his clinic. They were awesome!

  2. Susan McDonald

    They look wonderful. Poodles like to be cleaned up and everyone gets to sniff all over again. Simba may be gaining confidence in your home and starting to find his way on his own. God bless you for taking them on, Terri.


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