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It is starting to feel like Simba and Lady have been around awhile. We have a routine about eating, going out, sleeping, medicine, etc.

Last night I brushed Lady and she loved it.  Simba is pretty tolerant about it as well.  I probably cut off several ounces of hair just off of his face – it was matted and a little stinky.  He is looking pretty cute.  He has the little poodle eyes – and a little brown on his nose, unless it is dirt – we will find out tomorrow!

Feeding 5 in the morning wasn’t chaotic – everyone knows their place, though Simba wanders from bowl to bowl if he can. Both he and Lady are doing more drinking which makes me feel good.

Last night we settled down to watch House – at least I did.

My husband felt bad that Simba has an issue going down stairs – somehow he knows to go up. We have a step from the den to the dining room – so last night he solved that problem.

Now our first floor is handicap accessible.  My dogs weren’t sure about it – so they jumped over it for the first hour.  Lady and Simba got the idea right away!

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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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