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Simba – is coming into his own.  His personality is starting to emerge.

Last night we had him in the kitchen.  He made use of the pee pad! I feel like we have re-entered the world of toilet-training 101 and we are celebrating all of the successes.

Lady slept on the bed with us – was a total Lady – she did wake me up during the night to give me kisses.  Love this little dog!

Today Simba is looking and acting like a new man.  He went to the door to go out. Once outside he was actually running around in the yard. Maggie tried to play with him and he responded a bit .  He is a bit stubborn. If he does not want to get picked up, he lets you know it and runs away!

He ate a great breakfast and wanted to go back out. The picture of him above shows him responding to his name.  It was breezy out and he loves the breeze on his face.

He came in and was rolling on the floor, trying to scratch his back, so we obliged.  Too cute.

He did not want to go in the crate – but he went in.  I now have belly bands in my possession, so we will try those tonight so we can give him some freedom.

The report from my Dad this morning is that they all went out, and Simba is back in the crate and Miss Lady has been given freedom to join the others.  She is a good girl.

More later…

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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. He’s not used to being in a crate so hopefully the belly bands will work well for him. Good luck!

  2. That’s great. I’m so glad he’s feeling comfortable!


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