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Day 3 – evening

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What a reception when I came home!  My 3 dogs are always very happy to see Mom.  Simba and Lady were in the kitchen finishing their dinner.  Both were members of the clean plate club. Eating is NOT an issue for either of them.  Simba LOVES milk bones – Lady does not. Both eat their Taste of the Wild with a little canned dog food mixed in and a little bit of warm water. They are not big drinkers, so every little bit helps.

My friend Nancy gave me some belly bands that her adopted dog Stanley use to wear. That plus a incontinence pad is working right now. Simba doesn’t seem to care – in fact it was obvious that he was using it – so one rug saved.


They are going to the groomers on Wednesday – to my favorite – Woof and Whiskers Inn in Southbridge, MA.  Simba will shed his Albert Einstein hairdo for a poodle look – it should be quite a transformation.

The evening is a more relaxed time – waiting for dinner to cook – catching the news. We are always surrounded by dogs (love it). 

Here we have Tucker, Lady and Simba, and the white rump belongs to Harry.  Maggie is inside the ottoman which serves as the dog’s toy box and Lady is keeping an eye on her.

Simba is not as dependent on Lady as you would think.  He is getting comfortable wandering around the house and outside.  I think he is memorizing the house.  He knows where his crate is and walks in if he is so inclined . He is snuggling now and wanted his head scratched.  It is AMAZING how well this is going.  Sure there are some issues – an occasional growl etc. but everyone is pretty even keeled. 

I still think two of them together in a house without other dogs or just one other dog would be perfect. 

I am ready for a quiet evening with the pooches.


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