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How many poodles can fit on a couch?

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LadyLast night was Simba and Lady’s first night in their fosterhome.  The initial plan was that they would both sleep in the large crate. Lady kept barking and whinning, so we opened the door of the crate and placed a pee pad outside of it for Simba.  The other dogs were upstairs with us.

Lady knew that and was at the foot of the stairs barking. It was up and down several times – she would lie on the couch next to me – but a night on the couch was not in my plans.  Knowing that she always slept with her owner, I brought her upstairs and put her on the bed. She settled down and went right to sleep.

Simba did have a couple of accidents – he is still figuring his way around and didn’t find the pads – we have another plan in mind for tonight.

6:30 am is rise and shine time for my guys – so down we go to go outside. Grabbed Simba and they all did their first outing. When we came in Lady was dancing in the kitchen. Obviously she wanted to eat.  First I gave her a pill – met the ultimate childproof cap – unbelievable! It took me a while to figure that one out.

5 bowls, and the kitchen looked like this

After breakfast – all went outside, and for dog owners – 5 dogs – 5 poops – everything is working in everyone!

The rest of the family is sleeping – so I lay on the couch with the crew.  Ten minutes later  this was what the scene was in the

living room,

 Tucker, Harry, Lady and Simba – Maggie was on my lap.

Such togetherness!

The shower was wonderful  and the men did a great job of taking care of all the dogs while we were gone. Right now it is 4:12 pm and Simba is glued to my thigh, Lady is sleeping next to him, Maggie is sleeping on the ottoman, Harry on the floor and Tucker on the recliner.  Supper is coming soon then back for the outdoor pm ritual.

Tomorrow will begin the work week – my Dad and I are talking about their schedule, crate and release, crate and release. I will do the meds. Hopefully a trip to the groomers Monday or Tuesday.

First day of fostering and I am tired – but impressed with these two little dogs who are full of love.  I am also impressed with my crew – they are exhibiting more patience with Simba and Lady than they have with each other. A great pack!


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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. Susan McDonald

    It sounds like they, and you, are settling in. Aren’t dogs reseilient, though? They don’t ask for much, just for some food and attention, and they’ll make themselves at home. Congratulations!

    • They are. I will try a belly band – a visitor had used one before and I liked it but Maggie use to pull it off. It was pretty funny – he won’t let her though – the other dog thought it was a game.


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