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Day 1

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I met up with Alice from Poodle Rescue NE at about 10:50 am.  We had already received a picture of the dogs. That is Simba staring at you.

My daughter Jackie came with me and helped with the dogs while we drove home.

Simbad (16) on left and his daughter Lady(12) on right.

We arrived home about 40 minutes later and took the time to introduce them to the cast of characters living at our house.

Harry (8) is the white standard, Maggie (3) is the mini and Tucker (8) is the black standard.  It was interesting as always and my husband and

I decided that we should get the large crate out for the two munchkins to stay in until they get use to the other dogs, us and the house.

This is Lady on my Dad’s lap.  She loves to be picked up – will ask to be picked up, likes to snuggle and give kisses.

This is Simba on my husband’s lap – Jackie in background – he also likes to be petted and be close – but he has some visual issues.  Not sure how much he sees.  He has an issue with stairs – tries to jump over things that aren’t there. We will pay attention to that and see what his issues are.  Both seem to be housebroken. Right now we carry Simba out as he has those visual issues.  He knows what to do when he is out there!

They are all napping right now – all 5 dogs!  Lady seems to protect Simba and will place herself between him and the other dogs. Interesting. Hoepfully she will relax once she gets to know the others.


About terri122

Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. It’s looking great, Terri! They seem like sweethearts. Good luck and I look forward to reading about them.

  2. Thanks, Terri! I’m glad things are working out. Simba and Lady seem like a sweet pair.

  3. Lady is doing good. They both ate, though they opted for soft food and ignored the dry. Simba is so lost. We checked his rabies certificate and he is 17 not 16. Lady keeps checking on him, as he likes being in the crate – he is secure there – even with the door open. She goes in and lies down with him, then comes back out. She is napping on the couch near me now.

    Hopefully in a few days, Simba will have figured out the house – and know that our dogs won’t hurt him. Maggie REALLY wants to play with them, but they are not ready.

  4. 9:oo pm Two rescue dogs lying on the couch. Lady growls at the others while they play, and they ignore her. It’s like they understand that she is confused. If you touch her, she stops. Trimmed around their eyes. They can see us and we can see them! There is a LOT of hair on those two – hopefully they get groomed early in the week.
    Simba snores, but then so does Maggie. Hopefully they have a peaceful night. I love the way Simba lies next to Lady. They are quite the pair.

  5. Hey Terri….good for you! Lucky kids! Hope my Maggie is behaving!!!!

    • You know Daryl, Maggie is the smartest and sweetest dog in the bunch. She reads their cues and is near them or far away. She was and is a godsend!

  6. Susan McDonald

    Sounds good so far, Terri. Their devotion sounds very precious. They will bothbe confused for few days. I’m glad your dad is there to help…they are used to a dad.

  7. They really like men but they like women too – they are sweet natured.


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