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Right now there are two little poodles who are with their Dad – probably getting ready for one of their many walks.  They don’t know that tomorrow they will be given up to Poodle Rescue NE.   Dad has had a hard time of late – finding it very difficult to live on Social Security and provide for himself and his little poodle family .  Family members are Simba,  a 16 year old black mini and his daughter Lady who is 12.

They may sense that something is coming, after all they have been with Dad for almost 2 decades, and are most surely in tune with his feelings.  Tomorrow morning he will meet with a Poodle Rescue volunteer – who will bring them to their new foster home – a step away from their new forever home.

This will be a story, from their eyes, as they meet their new family members, mourn the loss of their Dad,  and from my perspective as I observe and learn as much as I can about their unique personalities.  Hopefully  we will get a great understanding of these two munchkins, and make it easier for someone out there to come to know them and love them.  The goal is a home where they will be loved and appreciated for all of the years that they have been here.

I’ll tell you a secret – the senior dogs are the best! They know what it is to love and be loved – and look for little else in return except some food, cuddles and attention.

Tomorrow pictures!


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Just starting to be involved as a foster parent for Poodle Rescue NE.

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  1. Welcome Simba and Lady. You’re in excellent hands now! Thank you Terri for offering to help them.

  2. Very well written! Leaves a tear in my eye! But I truly hope that they adjust to your house and family and then with their forever family!

  3. I hope that their foster and forever families will keep Dad in their lives, as he musy be devastated. Hugs

  4. Amanda, I share your love for the seniors. Please let us know if Poodle Rescue of Vermont can help. Our Senior to Senior program has been very successful. We have seniors waiting for senior poodles.

    • Hi Terri,

      Once these guys are listed on the PRNE website – the Seniors could apply for them. I would have no problem driving up there with these two to get them to the right home.
      I think the idea of Seniors for Seniors is a AWESOME idea.
      Terri Colognesi

  5. Susan McDonald

    How’s it going, Terri? The first 24 hours of fostering is the most nerve-wracking for me, then it gets calmer as you all settle into a routine of sorts. I am thinking and praying for you and the new family.


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